Benvenuto! As a Jazz Drummer and Composer, Technical Writer for FinTech, Theatre Production designer, and an explorer of states of consciousness and creativity.

Most recently, my articles have been published in Better Humans, one of the top Medium publications, as well as CodeX – a data and tech online publication.

I’ve worked on award-winning productions as a designer and production manager, including Solo Anna starring Lidia Vitale, directed by Eva Minemar in Roma, Turino, and New York, Kahlil Ashanti‘s Basic Training (Dubai, New York, and Los Angeles) and John Pollono‘s Small Engine Repair.

Some of the films I wrote the music for have won multiple awards, such as Sell Your Body by Jaanelle Yee, and From Adam – winner of Best Film at the 8th Hour Film Festival in New York.

You’ll find articles and media on the following topics:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms for Beginners (in Ruby)
  • The New York and Los Angeles Theatre Scene
  • Concepts in Jungian Psychology
  • Some happenings on the jazz scene
  • Tips on accessing deeper layers of creativity
  • Useful vignettes from the experiences I’ve accumulated while working and traveling around the world in theatre production.

Quick links to some of my portfolio:

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